Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"I would just like to say that from now on I demand to have every solo in glee club."

If there are two things that will make any pop culture junkie, such as myself, happy, they are Glee and Britney Spears. Combine them together and you get an amazing hour of television, with many more hours of music to follow.

Another episode in the bag and it did not disappoint. I have to admit, I was a bit bummed to see one of my favorite Britney songs, Stronger, sung by someone other than Rachel, but I'll let it slide. I was so happy to see Terri back, albeit briefly, stirring up trouble, and the addition of John Stamos, better known as Uncle Jesse, as Will's new nemesis. And, even though I love Rachel Berry/Lea Michele, it's always fun to see other characters getting the spotlight. Who knew Brittany had such chops? Although, I suppose Britney Spears songs aren't the hardest in the world, but I wouldn't be able to rock them the way she did.

How PERFECT was Rachel's rendition of Baby One More Time? It matched the original video to a T! Not to mention Brittany's Slave and Brittany and Santana's Me Against The Music. I kept thinking I was watching the actual videos, not the Gleeks performing them. Check them all out HERE. I knew Heather Morris (Brittany) could dance, considering she used to tour with Beyonce and was hired for the show originally to choreograph the Single Ladies number, but she was BANANAS in each of her Britney fantasies. If I start dancing, will I get abs like hers?

Now for my favorite songs:

Rachel's spot on Baby One More Time.

New Direction's Fosse-esque Toxic.

Rachel's (I realize this wasn't Britney) breathtaking The Only Exception.

Next week should be interesting...religion and a possible death. Looks like Ryan Murphy has no problem with the "hard" stuff. Maybe Brittany will have the opportunity to have her Ke$ha moment too.

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Brittany S. Pierce, "Glee"

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"We dance to the beat of bad kissers clinking teeth."

I was having a conversation with my lovely friend MandyZee not too long ago and we were discussing music and the genres we consider to be our faves. I was thinking I fell somewhere along the lines of Euro/dance/pop/electronic/alternative, but she summed it up perfectly in one "word": eurosynthpop. I have to say, I think she was 100% right. I do, however, find myself going through stages with my music genre choices, but I really feel as though this has been a pretty consistent favorite of mine. I mean, I was listening to Kylie Minogue (she's Aussie, I know....but same diff) and Pet Shop Boys in the mid 80s.

For the past year or so I've gotten especially into this genre. Maybe it's because my friend Melissa would supply me with mix CDs full of these types of songs...she did introduce me to Calvin Harris, Frankmusik, La Roux, among others (plus she's always updating her blog with fun new songs). Or maybe it was Logo's NewNowNext Pop Lab for introducing me to Little Boots, who then became one of my Pandora channels introducing me to a whole slew of more artists that I now love. Whatever the case may be, I find that the majority of the music being played on my iPod and iTunes lately comes from European pop singers. And, I love every beat of it! Don't get me wrong. I love a good indie rock/alternative song too, but there's nothing like pretending your at a club in London or Paris dancing to the beat!

As I've said time and time again, I am totally one of those people who becomes obsessed with a small number of songs and listens to them on repeat for multiple days in a row, so I thought I'd share some of the ones in my current rotation. Enjoy!

I can't wait to see Robyn live in November and maybe Erik Hassle and Ellie Goulding will get themselves to SF in the near future. Them and everyone else (Frankmusik and Little Boots, I'm especially talking to you!!). See you on the dance floor!

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Robyn, "We Dance to the Beat"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"We need chorus glee club members, people to stand behind me with wet eyes while I sing solos."

Welcome back to McKinley High gleeks! A new season is upon us, with so many more songs to add to my iPod. I think this goes without saying, but I wanted to give a quick spoiler alert for those of you who haven't seen this new episode yet...but, come on. How could you not have?

The new season begins with Finn and Rachel together and in love, Mr Shue and Sue Sylvester new BFFs, Tina and Mike Chang together after falling in love at Asian camp and Artie heartbroken, Quinn back on the Cheerios to Santana's dismay and lots of new characters! We have a new nemesis for Sue, football coach Shannon Beiste, new hottie Sam Evans and a new diva Sunshine Corazon (better look out Rachel!).

Now, the majority of the episode was pretty wonderful, with the exception of some of the rapping, which they can't seem to get rid of (although, I did like the singing in both songs that included rapping, but I digress...), but the best part of the episode revolved around Rachel's Sunshine freakout. Not only do they share an amazing duet in the ladies room, leading to Rachel sending Sunshine to a crack house instead of the New Directions audition, but we also get chill inducing solos from each.

As per usual (and by usual I mean what I did last season), enjoy my favorite songs from the episode!

I am SO ecstatic that Rachel drove Sunshine to join Vocal Adrenaline. They really do need a new star now that Jesse St. James has graduated (single tear). This should make for some very exciting New Directions/Vocal Adrenaline competition.

Oh, and I cannot wait for next week's Britney episode. Seeing Rachel in the classic red track pants/yellow sports bra and school girl/pigtails makes me itch with anticipation. And, I just heard the most amazing news: SYTYCD's very own Adam Shankman is directing the Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode...the theme in itself exciting enough! I have a feeling this season is going to be pretty incredible!

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Rachel Berry, "Glee"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Florals? For spring? Ground breaking."

Another New York Fashion Week has come and gone. I definitely enjoyed seeing all the fashions and the celebs on the red carpet and front row of the shows, but I guess I'll have to wait until January for the Fall collections to see them all again. And while I do love Fall fashion (how could you not?), there is something so ethereal and breezy about the Spring lines.

This year there was a lot of metallic, neutrals and beautiful prints, creating so many different style options for every day of the week. And, as Elle Woods said in Legally Blonde, orange really does look like it's the new pink! Here's a peek at my 10 favorite shows of the past week.

J. Mendel. From the orange ballerina pump, to the impeccable pleating and ruching, Gilles Mendel created an angelic scene full of cocktail dresses and gowns that any fashionista would die for.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Monique Lhuillier. There is one thing Ms. Lhuillier knows how to do: make clothes that are so beautiful they look as if they're out of a fairy tale. I always know my eyes are in for a treat when I look through pictures of her latest collections, whether they be bridal or ready to wear. I wish I could be transported to her fantasy world every day of the week.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Marchesa. Along the same lines as Monique Lhuillier, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig know exactly how to make any woman feel as though she's a princess in her most amazing dream. Viewing their shows always take my breath away, without fail. Although, I have to say...I'm not a fan of the hair they chose to use for the show.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Erin Fetherston. Moving away from the dramatic gowns for a bit, Erin Fetherston's collection is much more wearable for the regular gal. Bold metallics, interesting prints and beautiful materials create a perfect spring wardrobe for all.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Halston. Designer Marios Schwab must have a thing for Charlie's Angels, because this show screamed 70s chic from the stick straight, middle parted hair on the models to the beautiful draping of the dresses.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Diane von Furstenberg. Not to be outdone by Halston, DvF also had 70s flair floating down the runway this season. While much of the collection was signature DvF, new co-designer Yvan Mispelaere was able to make what she does well that much better. All while creating beautiful, extremely wearable clothes.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Christian Siriano. I expected drama from the Project Runway champ, and drama was what we got. Not quite as big as I was hoping for, but there were still some amazing dramatic gowns shown by the young prodigy. Though I must say, some of his more subtle looks were so simply beautiful they could become classic staple pieces in any wardrobe.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Proenza Schouler. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez really are the cool kids on the fashion block. The majority of the looks from the collection looked to me like what the young fashionistas would be donning as they enter the polished world of womanhood.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Reem Acra. What really stood out to me about Reem Acra's collection was the combination of elegant formal wear with the casualness of leather. The styling of this show made each piece look completely wearable, whether you're attending a ball, a black-tie wedding or you just want a little bit extra pizazz for a night out on the town.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

Milly. Let's finish it up with a fun, casual, playful line of pieces that can easily be incorporated into any wardrobe. Michelle Smith must have taken note from Halston and DvF, adding a little 70s flair with turbans. Just looking at the bold florals and stripes are getting me ready for the season. And, I'm trying to start the whole mixing prints look, so this is a great inspiration for me.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

I guess that's all folks. I may not be able to afford any of these beautiful pieces, but I have a few months to find ways to fake them in my wardrobe. I hope I can do it!

UPDATE!!! One more for y'all!

Oscar de la Renta. I didn't see these until this morning, but I felt I would be shunned by the fashion gods if I didn't include this amazing collection in my NYFW review. Mr. de la Renta knows how to make a woman look beautiful, with stunningly tailored suits and coats, breezy cocktail dresses and breath-taking gowns. Plus, a color palate to die for.

Click HERE to see every look from the line.

OK, that's really it, now.

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Miranda Priestly, "The Devil Wears Prada"

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I'm not gonna eat today, I'm not gonna eat tomorrow, Cuz I'm gonna be a supermodel."

Even though I'm very sad to see New York's Spring 2011 Fashion Week come to an end tomorrow, I am loving feasting my eyes on the amazing fashions being shown. Can I just say that Monique Lhuillier's show was beyond breath-taking, Halston was stunning and Charlotte Ronson was totally Angela Chase (My So-Called Life, people)! And that's just naming a few of the bunch that I loved seeing....even though it was only in pictures. I wish I could have been there to see all the shows in person, but alas, I was not. Maybe some day! When I'm either a famous fashion journalist or a supermodel. Either will do.

Beyond the clothes/shoes/accessories, there are two things that are always associated with fashion: supermodels and designers. And when I think supermodels, I picture them sitting backstage at fashion week sipping their beverages out of long straws while make up artists, hair stylists and dressers are getting them ready for the catwalk. How appropriate, then, that some of the biggest (and some of my favorite) design houses would partner with beverage companies to bring about limited designer additions of the drinks usually associated with models and fashion: champagne, Diet Coke and sparkling water.

Today while having lunch, I noticed just that! While minding my own business, I just happened to turn to my left and noticed some famous stripes on a Pellegrino bottle. The first thing I thought: I have to have this NOW! Gosh, I'm such a sucker for labels. Then I was reminded of the other drinks I've seen over the past few years "dressed" in high fashion.

S. Pellegrino by Missoni

Veuve Cliquot La Grande Dame by Pucci

Diet Coke/Coca-Cola Light by Karl Lagerfeld

Someday very soon I will have all of these on shelves in my apartment. I don't even want to drink them! Just look at them. Someday.

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Jill Sobule, "Supermodel"

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite."

This week not only marks one of the most fun weeks of the year for me (my birthday week!) but also the return of some of my favorite shows. And, it keeps going through next week, as well, with not only returning shows, but the new shows I'm very excited to see. I keep saying I love this time of year, but I really just can't help getting giddy over new episodes of my favorites.

I figured that I'd do a quick rundown of what happened in the season finales of my shows (don't even get me started on the True Blood finale last night) and my hopes for the new season. Shall we begin? order of premiere date/time.

Gossip Girl - Monday, 9/13 @ 9

Last spring: Blair finally decides to take Chuck back, only to find out moments after his proposal that he slept with Lil' J that night before. Serena and Nate break up after Nate finds out she had kissed Dan. Dan is about to follow heartbroken Serena and Blair to Paris, only to be sidelined by Georgina's confession to him that she's pregnant and he's the father. And a heartbroken Chuck wallows away the loss of Blair in Prague,where he is mugged, shot and left for dead.

Here's what I hope happens this season: Serena and Blair find new guys in Paris (we need new blood in the male department in the Upper East Side) and forget about Dan/Nate and Chuck. I think we've had enough of Serena and Dan and Serena and Nate never seemed right to me. And as much as I loved Blair and Chuck together, it would be nice to see her with someone new. Dan should end up being the father of Georgina's baby. It will get him off his high horse a bit AND we'll get to see much more of Michelle Tracthenberg. I've heard rumblings of a Chuck has amnesia plot line, but I'm really hoping they don't go there. Also, I was so happy to see Lil' J leave the show, but I've been seeing pics of her on set lately. Let's hope she's just visiting her old cast mates.

One Tree Hill - Tuesday, 9/14 @ 8pm

Last spring: Nathan saves Haley from her deep depression over her mother's death and from a suicide attempt. Julian invites the whole gang to a film festival in Utah for the premiere of his and Alex's movie. After which, full of joy from the success, he proposes to Brooke. Finally back to her normal self, Haley finds out she's pregnant again. And, just when we think all's well in Tree Hill, Clay and Quinn are shot by crazy Katie.

Here's what I hope happens this season: I am really (really) hoping that they bring back the focus of this season to the original characters - Brooke, Haley, Nathan, Mouth, etc. Last year WAY too much time was spent on new characters Quinn and Clay, who in my opinion, added nothing to the show. Brooke will hopefully find the happiness and love she's always wanted with Julian and, since this may be the final season of the series, she'll end the season with a big wedding. Nathan and Haley just can't seem to catch a break lately. Last season began with them dealing with Nathan being blackmailed for an affair he took no part in, then Haley's mother passes away, now her sister, Quinn, could potentially be murdered. As much as it would make me happy to have Quinn and Clay out of the picture (harsh, I know), I just want things be happy for Nathan and Haley for once. I know, I know...happiness doesn't provide good drama, but if this is going to be the last season, I'd like to see good closure for my favorite characters.

Parenthood - Tuesday, 9/14 @ 10pm

Last spring: Unfortunately this was a quick season, as it was its first, and it was a mid-season show, so I'll do a season summary, rather than season finale. Sarah continually deals with the stress of being a single parent and moving her teenagers to a new town. And, the constant struggle of raising a teenage daughter, who has slept with her cousin's ex boyfriend and almost ran away. Adam and Kristina deal with raising a hormonal teenage daughter and an autistic son. Julia and Joel continue to juggle work and being a stay at home dad, respectively. Dax decides to move to NY to be with Jasmine and their son. And, patriarch Zeke tries to win back the love and trust of his wife, Camille.

Here's what I hope happens this season: Like I said, since this show is new, and there were so few episodes last season, I unfortunately don't have too much vision as to what may happen this year. I hope that Sarah and Amber work out their differences. And on that note, Amber and Haddie are able to get over the whole "she slept with my bf" situation and become friends again. Even though I think it's great that Dax wants to move to NY to be with Jasmine and Jabaar, I love the interaction between him and the rest of the Braverman crew, so hopefully something will happen to keep them all in Berkeley.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Thursday, 9/16 @ 10pm

Last spring: So this show doesn't exactly follow the whole what happened last week really matters this week formula, so I can't imagine anything that happened in the finale will have any effect on what happens in the new season. Basically, the gang got drunk, did something stupid and then got drunk again. All while being hilarious and offending everyone in their wake.

Here's what I'm hoping happens this season: The main thing I'm interested in seeing play out this season is the incorporation of Kaitlin Olson's pregnancy into the show. I'm pretty sure they've made Sweet Dee pregnant, which I can only imagine will allow for some completely ridiculous situations. Wouldn't it be great if they made Sweet Dee and Mac have a drunken one night stand that leads to her becoming pregnant? Then we'd get to see some great interactions from the real-life couple. And hey, while we're at it, even though there is no chance of this happening, let's have the waitress finally decide she likes Charlie. Doesn't he deserve a break, eventually? Oh, and let's make sure we have lots of Dennis time...doesn't really matter to me what it is.

Glee - Tuesday, 9/21 @ 8pm

Last spring: Rachel and Finn finally get together after an amazing, although not successful, Regionals performance. Quinn has her baby, who is then adopted by Rachel's birth mother, Shelby. Sue finally develops a bit of a warm spot for New Directions and finds a way for them to keep the club together. Mr. Shue and Emma share another kiss, even though she's supposedly dating her new dentist now.

Here's what I hope happens this season: Rachel and Finn get to stay together throughout the season, BUT only if Jesse St. James really isn't making a comeback. As much as I love aw shucks Finn, I can't get enough of bad boy Jesse. Plus, who could say no to wanting to see Jesse/Rachel duets every week. I hope Quinn is able to re-join the Cheerios and becomes sassy Quinn again, although maybe not bitchy-sassy. Just sassy. I hope they somehow find a way to keep Terri around, although maybe not a Terri/Will reunion. I just really love her character, and Jessalyn Gesslig. Plus, I'm hoping, and I've heard rumblings this is true, that the smaller characters (Puck, Mercedes, Kurt, Brittany, Santana, Artie and Tina) become much bigger this season. I mean, they pretty much did towards the end of the season, but let's keep it coming!

I guess that's all of them. I keep looking at the weekly TV schedules and there are so many shows, both new and old, that I am now wanting to add to my DVR's rotation. I only hope the poor thing can handle them all!

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Gossip Girl, "Gossip Girl"

This post is dedicated to my dear, old friend and loyal reader, Josh Boudreaux. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery! Just you have something in common with Cheryl Cole! xo

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"It's a new TV show. It's what they call a pilot. And we hope it becomes a series."

September really is my favorite month of the year. One of the main reasons for this: the new season of TV! It all begins this week, with the second season premiere of one of my favorite new shows of 2009, Vampire Diaries. Everything else picks back up over the next few weeks.

With the return of our favorite shows, also come all the new pilots, waiting to be picked up and become a regular series. There are a few this season that I am really looking forward to: Fox's Running Wilde and Lone Star and ABC's My Generation. I figured I'd do a little breakdown of what each of these shows are about and why they may make it into my weekly television schedule.

Running Wilde. I am very much looking forward to this show for a number of reasons. As a new fan of Arrested Development (I know, late to the game) and a fan of Will Arnett, I can only imagine how hilarious this will be. Plus, I LOVE Keri Russell (I wonder where Felicity would be today...) and I am so excited to be able to see her on a weekly basis. In a comedy, no less. I think throwing dramatic actors and actresses into a comedy creates some of the most classic TV moments. Check out the promo:

Lone Star. As far as I can tell from the previews for this new drama, it has everything a show could possibly need to keep fans wanting more. Intrigue, deception, sex and of course, hot actors. People love a good con movie, so I can only imagine how interesting this show could get. Plus, as a new fan of Friday Night Lights, I'm excited to see Adrianne Palicki in a new series. Check out the promo:

My Generation. As a graduate of the class of 2000 I feel like I need to at least give this show a chance. I think most people my age could really relate to many of the things that will end up happening within the course of this show, and I'm excited to see where it goes. Check out the promo:

I guess we shall see whether or not these shows find any success. I'm hoping that they entertain us as much as some of the new shows of last seasons did.

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Jerry Seinfeld, "Seinfeld"