Friday, June 1, 2012

Everyday Bag Wishlist

I use the same purse, a Marc by Marc Jacobs which I LOVE, pretty much every single day, but I am constantly lusting over totally practical, but completely out of my price range replacements. Here are a few that I wish lived in my closet.

Everyday Bag Wishlist

1. Celine Luggage
2. Proenza Schouler PS1
3. Balecianga Motorcycle
4. Proenza Schouler PS1
5. Mulberry Alexa
6. Chanel Quilted

What bags do you covet?

Until next time... xo

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Call Your Girlfriend

I'm pretty obsessed with Swedish pop singer Robyn. Her concert at the Warfield a few years ago was one of the most fun nights ever that I wish I could relive over and over again.

Yesterday over on BuzzFeed I stumbled upon an amazing cover (of a cover) of one of my favorite songs from her Body Talk album. These girls are 12 and 8 and are pretty incredible. They need to be given a record contract immediately!


Here is the original song:


Until next time... xo

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some TV to Tide You Over

For TV lovers like myself, summer can find us missing some of our favorite weekly shows while they're on hiatus. I've been having conversations lately with friends about what they can watch to tide themselves over until fall and I decided to come up with a list. I'm only including new shows, because catching up on anything longer than one season can be a tad aggressive.

Revenge. Who doesn't love a good night-time soap? Plus, mega rich people destroying other mega rich people's lives, all while looking fabulous is always fun to watch.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23. Girls behaving badly and James Van Der Beek as "James Van Der Beek" is quite the combination. Plus, Krysten Ritter has been deserving of her own show for a long time now!

Hart of Dixie. Rachel Bilson oozes charm on her own. Add some hot Southern men and small town shenanigans and you have a Gilmore Girls-esque weekly treat.

 Ringer. Unfortunately, SMG's return to TV will be a short one, as this was cancelled, but that doesn't make it any less of a fun guilty pleasure. Plus, knowing it's only one season is such a small commitment!

Happy Endings. So I realize this show was technically in its second season this year, but starting so late in 2011 I think I can safely roll season 1 and 2 into one extended season. This has got to be the funniest show on television and it would be a real shame for you to NOT watch it.

I can't say that I actually know how you can watch these now, so you'll have to do a little research. Most channels play reruns or offer On Demand of their best shows in the summer, so maybe you can watch them that way? Otherwise, you'll have to do some searching. What shows will you miss the most this summer?

Until next time... xo

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mad About Mint: The Look for Less

I was given a fantastic idea last night after posting my first Polyvore collage. Why not create the same look, but on a way more realistic budget? With that, the Look for Less was born. I tried to recreate the outfit with all pieces being (about) $50 or less.

Mad About Mint: The Look for Less

As you can see, I'm a sucker for Target and Forever 21. Where do you shop for great trends at affordable prices? 

Until next time... xo

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mad About Mint

Have any of you used Polyvore before? I just joined because I love fashion collages so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm obsessed with the color green, mint in particular. I would be happy having an entire closet full of the color, but since that's unrealistic, I figured I would make a pretend monochrome summer outfit, with some other colors thrown in for good measure.

Mad About Mint

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 
If you had to choose one color to fill your closet with, what would it be?
Until next time... xo

Summer Entertainment

May is a bittersweet time for entertainment. We are bombarded with TV shows ending for the season (can't wait for the Revenge season finale tonight!!) or forever (RIP Ringer and One Tree Hill), but then we are reunited with a whole slew of summer shows and fun summer movies.

Here's what will be keeping me busy in the coming months!

So You Think You Can Dance - returning Thursday, May 24

Pretty Little Liars - returning Tuesday, June 5

True Blood - returning Sunday, June 10

Snow White and the Huntsman - in theaters June 1

Step Up Revolution - in theaters July 27

The Hunger Games - on DVD August 18

What shows and movies are you looking forward to this summer?

Until next time... xo

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mid-Year Resolutions

It's been quite a while since I've spent any time on my much neglected blog. With nudging from friends, I've finally decided to make my blog a priority in my life again and with that, my mid-year resolutions were born.

Now, I realize "mid-year resolutions" aren't really a thing, but since I have never once in my life kept a new year resolution, why not try something a little different! Since it's almost June, and a new season is upon us, now is the perfect time. Let's begin!

  • Since Until Next Time is becoming a priority again, I will blog at least 4 times a week.
  • In order to promote a healthier sleep cycle, I will read instead of watching TV before bed.
  • In order to become a more financially responsible adult, I will create a budget and actually stick to it
  • As inspired by other bloggers, I will challenge myself to the Day Zero Project: 101 Things in 1000 Days Challenge
  • To keep both my mind and body healthy, I will work out for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week
  • In order to give myself fitness goals, I will run at least two 5K races in the next 6 months and a 10K in 2013
  • To keep up my new lifestyle, I will keep my diet healthy and stop drinking soda.
  • To help with my new healthier diet, I will cook new, healthy meals weekly.   

I think this is a good start to a better, healthier - both mentally and physically - Erin. I'll be compiling my 101 in 1000 list in the next few weeks so please leave suggestions in the comments! Also, if there's anything you want to hear about on here, let me know!

Now I want to know - what will your mid-year resolutions be?? 

Until next time... xo