Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"Everybody's having fun out here. They drinking, they fighting, they pissing on the streets. It's New Year's Eve!"

Another year has come and (almost) gone. Like most years, there has been good and there has been bad. I'm just going to focus on the good, though! As I'm sure you've all been inundated with a million "Best of 2010" lists over the past few weeks, I figured I'd add another into the mix. I'll keep it simple though. How about a top 3...or 2 or 4... (MY top 3...don't judge me, please!) of all my favorite subjects of the year? Sounds good to me! Here we go....

Top 4 Albums - the albums that have been in HEAVY rotation on my iTunes and iPod.
Miike Snow, "Miike Snow"

Click HERE to listen to the full album.

Robyn, "Body Talk"

Click HERE to listen to the full album.

Vampire Weekend, "Contra"

"The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Soundtrack

Top 2 New (for me, at least) Artists - a couple singers I haven't been able to get enough of since I learned of their existence.
Erik Hassle


Top 1 Movie - now, I'm not a big "movie-goer" so I have to admit this is kind of lacking. Had I seen Inception, Black Swan, the Town or Social Network, those may be among my choices.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1

Top 4 TV Shows - the shows that have been filling up my DVR and helping me get through each week.
The Walking Dead

Vampire Diaries

Friday Night Lights

Party Down

Top 1 Book - I've done a lot of reading this year, but there was only 1 book that I really couldn't put down this year.
The Girl Who Played With Fire

Top 3 Fashion Week Shows - a fashionista's dream, FASHION WEEK! I loved so many of the collections this year, but a few really stood out.
Paul & Joe - Paris S/S 11

Click HERE to see the entire collection.

Burberry Prorsum - London S/S 2011

Click HERE to see the entire collection.

J. Mendel - NY S/S 2011

Click HERE to see the entire collection.

Top 4 Celeb Red Carpet Looks - some of the most stunning gowns show up on the red carpet on our favorite movie stars. With award season just around the corner, I can't wait to see what 2011 will bring.
Rachel McAdams at the Oscars in Elie Saab

Anne Hathaway at the Met Ball in Valentino

Emma Watson at the Met Ball in Burberry

Jayma Mayes at the Emmy's in Burberry Prorsum

Now that I've sufficiently bored you all with my picks, I will leave you for the year.

2010 was a great year and here's hoping that 2011 will be even better. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Disco Cabbie, "200 Cigarettes"

Monday, December 20, 2010

"Well, I have them at home but they won't fit in my Kate Spade purse."

While doing Christmas shopping over the past few weeks, I've spent a lot of time perusing a website that is a favorite among the women in my family: KateSpade.com.

Now, since I did a Fall accessories post a few months back, I figured I would do a (sort of) winter accessories post, dedicated to Ms. Spade. While these aren't entirely "winter specific," I feel as though all of these items would incorporate wonderfully into my Holiday wardrobe. And, since I like to do things in groups of 5, here are my top 5 favorites right now!

Twirl Karolina Pumps.
Who doesn't love a sequins in winter?? These pumps would be the perfect addition to any LBD, or even a pair of skinny jeans. Do these scream New Years Eve or what?!
Click HERE to buy!

Galleria Lynda Fur Chubbie.
Everyone needs animal print in their wardrobe. According to my friend Mandy, you can spot (pun intended) it in every scene of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Plus, like the gold pumps, throw this on over jeans and a tee to spice up any outfit, or complete a formal look over a cocktail dress.

Click HERE to buy!

Gumdrop Stud Earrings.
A beautiful, wallet friendly way to add a some pizazz to any everyday look. Plus, jewel tones are always in, and these come in a variety of fantastic colors. Isn't the green beautiful, though? Would really bring out the green in my eyes...and they'd be perfect for St. Patrick's Day.
Click HERE to buy!

Gold Coast Maryann Handbag.
Since there's no way I'll be able to afford the quilted Chanel anytime in the near future, Kate Spade has the next best thing! The timeless, beautiful leather bag would be ideal for an everyday purse. Plus, it's the perfect size to fit a wallet, day planner, makeup bag and Kindle (with a Kate Spade case, of course).

Click HERE to buy!

Metallic MacDougal Alley Melody Crossbody.
One of the most practical bags I've seen, this cute, metallic crossbody is the perfect size for a night out. Not too big that it would get in the way, and not too small that it would fit everything you need. Plus, the subtle sparkly silver is the perfect way to add a little spice to any outfit.
Click HERE to buy!

There you have it. My 2010 Kate Spade wish list. I'm more than happy to accept any or all of these as gifts from any of you out there in the blogosphere!

Until next time... xo

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"I love that you did all this work, and it'll serve you well - but not on this movie."

Today was a pretty big news day in the world of entertainment and celebrity gossip. Not only were the nominations announced for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards (more on that later), but there were also 3 pretty high profile celeb couple break ups.

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are divorcing after 2 years of marriage. I wonder if that will make their brother/sister relationship on the show a bit more awkward...I guess it worked out OK for Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray on One Tree Hill back in 2005. But, in more exciting news (for me, anyway) Ryan Reynolds and Zac Efron are now back on the market, as well! Ryan and Scarlett Johansson are divorcing, also after 2 years of marriage (I thought it was the "7-year itch" not the 2 year??) and Zac and Vanessa Hudgens have FINALLY split after 4 years. I would be more than happy to help each of them through this tough time.

Enough about that, let's get back to business, shall we? Early this morning Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood pulled themselves out of bed to announce the nominees for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

Click HERE for the full list of nominees.

As per usual, there were a snubs and surprises. What I think most people are wondering now is how the heck is The Tourist a comedy/musical? When has an Angelina Jolie ever been funny or musical? I'm dying to see Black Swan and Blue Valentine and, from what I've heard, they definitely deserved their nominations. What most surprised me about the movie nominations is that Burlesque was nominated for best comedy/musical. While I absolutely loved it, a friend and I were discussing recently whether or not it would get any award show love, beyond music, costumes and make up (which were all INCREDIBLE) and I am beyond excited that it has. Plus, the Christina Aguilera ballad "Bound to You" gave me chills while watching the movie (and every one of the 100 times I've listened to it since) and it better walk away with the award for best song.

Moving along to television, I am thrilled that the brand spankin' new The Walking Dead was nominated for best TV drama, but I'm still saddened that no CW shows are ever recognized. I know, I know. The CW is not exactly prime real estate according to the award voters, but Vampire Diaries and Nikita have been incredible this season and deserve some recognition! Of course Glee was given lots of love, with best actor, actress, supporting actor and supporting actress nominations (Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch, respectively). I have to admit, however, that I am a little surprised that anyone besides Chris Colfer was nominated. He's had an amazing season so far, whereas we've seen much less of the other 3 this year. And, like I said after the Emmys, I suppose I should give Modern Family a try one of these days.

I'm excited for the show January 16 and of course, super excited to see all the amazing fashions that the stars will show up in for the occasion. Plus, I'm really hoping that we'll get to see Christina Aguilera perform "Bound to You" live.

Until next time... xo

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Any zombies out there?" "Don't say that!" "What?" "The zed word, don't say that!" "Why?" "Because it's ridiculous!"

The zombie genre has never been something I've been in to. Don't get me wrong, Shaun of the Dead is one of the funniest movies ever made, but there's just something about zombies that never really won me over. You know that phenomenon where you pretty much have never heard about something and then one person says something about and then you start hearing about it all the time? That's what happened to me with the new AMC show The Walking Dead.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me why I'd never written about The Walking Dead in any of my blog posts. The reason was, I told him, that I never really had any interest in watching the show, in which case he then told me that I immediately needed to get on my On Demand and start watching. I thought, OK, maybe if I happen to be home with nothing to do and nothing good saved on my DVR, I'll give it a try. THEN, a few days later, a different friend was over and while I was in the other room, he happened to head over to my On Demand and turn it on. At that point I thought to myself, well shoot. I suppose I should actually give it a try. And am I glad I did (even though pretty much every episode gave me nightmares)!

UPDATE: A reader pointed out to me that I should include a spoiler alert, so here it is: SPOILER ALERT!! Stop reading here if you don't want to know what happens. Thank you.

Luckily for me, I started watching the show with only one episode left in the very short, 6 episode, first season, so I didn't have to wait long between episodes (on of the best ways to watch a series, if you ask me). The season finale, although at times reminded me a bit of Lost, made sure to keep me very interested in seeing what will come next. Cliffhangers can be stressful sometimes, but they keep you interested and questioning what will come next. I, myself, was left with the following 5 questions (hopefully for those wanting to watch the show, but haven't yet, these won't give away too much):

1. How did the outbreak happen in the first place? Did it start in Georgia and somehow spread through the whole country then continent then planet?

2. What happened to Morgan and Duane? Did they end up in Atlanta? What happened to Merle?

3. Is Lori going to end up pregnant with Shane's baby? How is that going to affect Lori and Rick's relationship? How will that affect Shane and Rick's relationship? Will they all end up turning on each other?

4. What's going on in Atlanta with the other group of survivors? Are they still holed up in the old-folks' home? Or have the "walkers" overtaken them?

5. After leaving the CDC in the final moments of the season finale, where will the group end up going? Are they just going to aimlessly drive until they run out of gas?

I guess we'll have to wait until next year when The Walking Dead returns for season 2, whenever that ends up being, for answers to many of these. Or maybe, if I can't wait that long, I'll go out and buy the comic books and see what happens.

These kinds of shows and movies always leave me with one(ish) remaining question: If I were in this situation, what would I do? Would I try and survive or would I just give up? What would YOU do???

Until next time... xo

Title quote: Ed and Shaun, "Shaun of the Dead"