Friday, April 30, 2010

"You sold your soul to the devil when you put on your first pair of Jimmy Choo's, I saw it"

This has been a fun week for the wannabe fashionista in me. Maybe it's in anticipation of the Met's Costume Institute Gala on Monday or maybe it's because it's spring and the weather's nice and celebs are out in full force...who knows! Either way, I'm been really impressed by the 'fits some of my favorite actresses have been showing up in over the past few days. And, I can't wait to see what they, and everyone else, end up in on Monday.

Here are some of my faves!

Gwyneth Paltrow in Victoria Beckham (another one of my faves) at the Bent on Learning gala in NYC Wednesday night:

Rachel Bilson in RM for Roland Mouret at the Sunglass Hut flagship store opening, also in NYC, Wednesday:

And Alexis Bledel in Valentino at a cocktail party for the design house and Vogue last night in LA:

Now, if only I had the money to hire a stylist and afford these amazing, fun frocks, shoes and accessories...not to mention invites to fancy fashion parties and galas. I am attending the San Fransisco Ballet's production of Romeo & Juliet next week, so I guess that gives me an excuse to wear something a bit fancy and fun!

Until next time... xo

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"I always thought as different as we are, some how we could still be together. And now I don't know."

Lots of new True Blood stuff for you!

Season 3 is right around the corner and today we are being treated to a new poster, featuring most of the cast.

In case you don't remember, in the last moments of the season 2 finale Sookie and Bill were separated, after his proposal to her, by his kidnapping. The HBO/True Blood marketing team, as always, has come up with some clever promotions revolving around that fact...which leads us to believe his disappearance will be a big part of season 3, as it is in book 3, Club Dead.

Last week this poster was released:

And in perusing HBO's True Blood site, I came across this video:

Another thing Alan Ball has done this year to promote the show is create 6 minisodes, "A Drop of True Blood", which begin to air May 2 on HBO. However, we got a sneak peek of one featuring Eric and his lovely assistant Pam today.

Now, I can't help but wonder if Alan Ball got the idea to do this from Charlaine Harris' collection of Sookie Stackhouse centric short stories, A Touch of Dead, that was published last year.

Until next time... xo

Friday, April 23, 2010

"She's still human. The Volturi don't give second chances."

Mini post for a Friday afternoon!

New Eclipse trailer hit the net today. This one's full of action for all the men that will be dragged by their significant others to the movie when it comes out June 30.


Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sunshine! I'm off to my first Giants game of the season. Go Giants!

Until next time... xo

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"If a man doesn't fit, you can't exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater."

While home sick (again!) this week I watched, for the 400th time probably, one of my favorite chick flicks, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

For those of you who know me well, you'll know that I definitely identify with the main character in the movie, Rebecca Bloomwood, based on the Sophie Kinsella novel of the same name. What girl living in a big city, who wants to be fashionable and look their best, wouldn't relate in some way?

When the book came out in 2001, my mother immediately told me it was something I needed to read. I did, and a few of its subsequent sequels, and fell in love with the character. Ever since college, I've been very into fashion, reading all the magazines and doing my best to keep up with trends in my own way (blame it on going to school in Southern California!). Unfortunately for me, and my bank account, this would get me into a bit of trouble. I think it's pretty safe to say that a lot of young women find themselves where I did, financially, at one point or another. So much so that someone wrote a book about it!

Thanks to my mounds of debt, I was forced to figure out new ways to get the looks I want, without spending too much. I don't think any of the designer clothes, shoes or bags I own I paid full price for. Thanks to sites like Gilt Groupe for designer pieces to build outfits with, and stores like Target for cheap staples, like layering tanks and simple tees, I've been able to create a fashionable (at least I think so) wardrobe without breaking the bank. Knowing that stores like J. Crew and Banana Republic always have great stuff on sale helps, too! I can't remember the last time I paid full price for something at either of those stores. Plus, with sites like Bag, Borrow or Steal and Rent the Runway fashionistas can now rent a great dress or statement bag for an event. Just like Netflix!

Also, a great way to get money back for clothes/shoes/bags/etc you no longer wear, rather than just donating them to Good Will (or your friends), is to try selling them to a local thrift shop. While I was living in LA, if I needed some quick cash, I'd just dig through my closet and head over to the Buffalo Exchange down the street. Whatever they wouldn't take I'd end up donating to Good Will. That's how Rebecca Bloomwood pays back all her debts in the movie...although, she has a huge sale, which I don't think I have nearly nice enough things to do.

And while we're discussing Confessions of a Shopaholic, let's send some congratulations over to its star, Isla Fisher, who has been seen around town sporting quite the baby bump!

Until next time... xo

Monday, April 19, 2010

"A professional waiter? I'm not. No, no, no, I'm a comedian. I figured that my natural hilariousness would have tipped you off by now."

As a new fan of the wonderful world of Neptune and Veronica Mars, thanks to my dear friend at Pitchspork, I was delighted to learn about another show by its creator Rob Thomas. Especially since finishing all 3 seasons on Netflix.

Party Down, created and produced by Rob Thomas, along with Paul Rudd, John Enbom and Dan Etheridge, is basically a Veronica Mars reunion - the majority of the cast and crew of Party Down were either series regulars or guest stars on Veronica Mars.

The show follows the staff at catering company "Party Down" who, for the most part, are all trying to make it in Hollywood, be it in acting, writing, etc. What I find great about the show, is that it seems like it paints a pretty realistic picture of what it's really like to try and become famous...albeit with a more outlandish, funny approach. It would be pretty depressing otherwise, if you ask me. And, it's fun to see all my favorite Veronica Mars stars making appearances in each episode!

Here is a look at the first season of the show, which I'm currently Netflixing (yes, that's now a verb):

Season 2 begins this Friday, 4/23 on Starz. Check out the trailer here:

Until next time... xo

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Being a part of something special makes you special, right?"

OK. I promise this will be my last post about Glee this week! That is unless something incredibly exciting happens in the next few hours....

Over the years, we've been treated to many flash mob performances, from international pillow fights to silent discos, with thousands of participants. And now, since the phenomenon known as Glee has spread over the world, Glee flash mobs have been in full effect.

In December of last year shoppers in Rome, Italy were treated to this one:

And last weekend, about 1,000 people in Seattle assembled to bring us this one:

Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Until next time... xo

"Hello? Hey, I got places to go, friends to kill. Well, not actually my friends, but you get the idea."

For some reason, we always love the bad boys!

This week's episode of Vampire Diaries really brought that to light, especially for me. Since the show's premiere this past fall, I've always been drawn to Damon, the bad boy older brother of Stefan, played by Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, respectively. But this week we got to see a new side of Stefan, due to his renewed human blood addiction.

It's so refreshing to see him not so broody for a change. Don't get me wrong, I do love a good brood every once in a while, and there is something sexy about the mysterious guy, but seeing Stefan being more like Damon this week was so much more fun to watch. For those of you not familiar with the show (click HERE for full episodes), or the books for that matter (although they are very different from the show) Damon and Stefan Salvatore are brothers who were both turned into vampires back in the day by conniving Katherine, who both were in love with. Flash forward to present day where they meet Elena, Katherine's double, and all hell breaks loose!

Damon has always been the "evil" brother, owning up to the idea that he's a vampire and human blood is what makes him strong, whereas Stefan, ashamed of the monster he's become, will only drink animal blood to survive. In last week's episode, Stefan was forced to drink Elena's blood to survive an attack and save her life, which basically turned him back into an addict. What was great about this week, was that Stefan, in order to curb his craving, became a drunk, which was hilarious to watch and made for some pretty appealing moments for him. He actually became fun, like Damon always is!

Now, I must mention my favorite good vamp gone bad in this post - Angel becoming Angelus in both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.

As much as I loved good vamp Angel, some of the best moments on both shows were when his curse was broken and he reverted back to the evil, maniacal Angelus. I found a great video this morning with some of the best Angelus moments throughout both Buffy and Angel.

This brings me back to a conversation I had with a friend a few months back. If I walked into a bar and saw one table with Damon from Vampire Diaries, Eric from True Blood, Angelus from Buffy and Angel, and Spike, also from Buffy and Angel and another table with Stefan from Vampire Diaries, Bill from True Blood, Angel from Buffy and Angel and Edward from Twilight, which would I choose to sit and hang with? Why the table with the fun-loving, "bad" vamps of course! Who wants to hang out with a bunch of broody, feeling sorry for themselves guys at a bar?

Until next time... xo

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone, I hear you call my name, and it feels like home."

The full studio version of Like a Prayer from the Madonna themed episode of Glee has hit the internet!


Pretty amazing, if you ask me. I can't wait for more! Can't you tell from all my exclamation points? The episode airs next Tuesday, 4/20 at 9pm on Fox.

Until next time... xo

"I wanted something that would remind everyone of me... so... they mixed their most popular liqueur with their sweetest."

One of my favorite actresses on TV, Sophia Bush, has been cast in a new comedy pilot for ABC, Southern Discomfort.

Now, this came as quite a surprise to me, as the fate of her current starring role, Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill, is still undetermined. The CW has yet to say whether or not they will be picking up the show for an 8th season. I'm sure many people out there thought the show ended years ago, but alas, even without star and narrator Chad Michael Murray, the show has still been chugging away. Albeit, not nearly as good as it once was. And chances are pretty good that it will be picked up for next year.

The question arises, which is better for her? The chance of pilots actually working is pretty slim, but the chance of One Tree Hill lasting much longer is too. Should it get picked up, I'm sure it would most likely be to wrap things up and call it quits for good. But, as we see time and time again, some TV stars fall into oblivion after cancellation of the show they've been on for such a long time. Hopefully for her, and her fans (like me!) that doesn't happen.

I think it's good sign, however, that since she's already being cast in pilots, prior to her show even ending, there will be a lot more of Sophia Bush in the future.

Until next time... xo

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot tanned guy and live my life."

Harper's Bazaar, one of my favorite fashion mags (quite possibly due to the time I spent working at Hearst) has jumped aboard the bandwagon known as Jersey Shore. In their latest issue they feature the ladies of Jersey Shore, Snooki, Jwwow and Sammi, taking etiquette lessons from Lizzie Post, granddaughter of Emily Post, and New York socialite and reality star Tinsley Mortimer.

They were also treated to a classy makeover. Check out the amazing results!

And a behind the scenes look at the shoot:

It's amazing what a difference a little hair, makeup and wardrobe can make taking these girls from to unsophisticated to glamorous!

And, on a completely unrelated note, I'd like to wish my favorite vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, a very happy 33rd birthday today! The Pop Wrap blog on has a fun post of their 5 best Buffy moments, in honor of her special day. Click HERE to check them out (with videos).

Until next time... xo

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"So Wayne, I hear you're putting on some kind of concert. That's good. People need to be entertained, they need the distraction."

Since I will be unable to attend the Coachella music festival in Indio, CA this weekend, I figured I should just make a playlist featuring songs of some of the bands that I want to see and won't be able to.


Since I can't go to Coachella, this is my "I wish I was there" playlist by Erin Boy

If you were lucky enough to get tickets, click HERE for a full schedule and list of who will be there. Hopefully I'll be able to go next year, and maybe my friends the Robotanists will be a headlining band!

Until next time... xo

"Giving Jason Stackhouse vampire blood is like giving Ho-Hos to a diabetic. You know he can't control himself."

This month's Details magazine features not only 1, but 3 of the main men of Bon Temps. True Blood stars Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), Alexander Skarsgard (Eric Northman) and Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse), grace their own covers of the May edition. I wonder if Sam Trammell (Sam Merlotte) the local shape shifter, feels left out...

Also, the magazine provided us with a sneak peak of the behind the scenes goings-on at the shoot.

Now if I could only choose vampires, I would definitely be going with Eric, but alas, here is my favorite of the bunch:

The Ryan Kwanten cover will definitely be the copy I pick up! Who knew I'd choose a human over a vampire?!

Until next time... xo

Monday, April 12, 2010

"Somewhere in the English countryside, in a stately manor home, Madonna is weeping!"

Our favorite teacher, Mr. Shue (Matthew Morrison), got to spend some quality time with his leading ladies for a fabulous Madonna inspired photo shoot to promote Glee's long awaited return tomorrow night. And, next week's episode featuring music entirely by Madonna.

I love Jane Lynch in the Blonde Ambition Tour cone bra! For all the photos, and some behind the scenes looks at the shoot, click HERE.

As I said last week, Glee fever is in full effect, and I know I am counting down the minutes until 9:28 tomorrow night.

Until next time... xo

Friday, April 9, 2010

"So what are we going to do? Sit around bars, sipping Cosmos and sleeping with strangers when we're eighty? "

I'll be the first to admit that when I heard that there was going to be a sequel to the Sex and the City movie I thought it was a mistake. I have to say, though, that seeing the latest trailer for the movie this morning, my mind may be changed!

I'll definitely be there May 27 sipping a Cosmo and wishing I was wearing Manolos, ready to see what adventures Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte will be having this time around.

Until next time... xo

"As far as I know, everybody loves The Situation, and if you don't love The Situation, I'm gonna make you love The Situation."

Happy Friday everyone!

I can't think of a better way to start my day than how I just did. While doing my routine blog perusing this morning I was treated to not only 1 but 2 of my favorite things, combined into 1: David Wright of the Mets and Jersey Shore's own The Situation.

David Wright has been the spokesperson for Vitamin Water for a few years now and apparently they, too, have jumped on the Jersey Shore bandwagon. Who knew that a group of crazy Guidos from Jersey would become so famous?!


The second season of Jersey Shore is shooting now and will be back for all of us to enjoy July 29th. Can't wait to see what crazy antics The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Snooki, Sammi, Ronnie, J Wwow, Vinnie and Angelina (why is she coming back?!) are up to this year!

And, here's hoping all of David Wright's "situational" training really pays off for the Mets this season!

Until next time... xo

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"You may think that every guy in school would totally want to tap this, but my myspace schedule keeps me way to busy to date."

Glee fever is upon us this week!

With only a few more days left, the long awaited second half of the first season will begin again on Tuesday, 4/13. I don't know about you, but when I heard that the show was taking a 4 month hiatus at the end of last year, a single tear may have fallen down my cheek. Glee has definitely been one of my very favorite shows since it began last fall (well...since its spring sneak peak of the pilot) and I can't wait for new episodes. Luckily for me, the soundtrack has been supplying me with my fix in the meantime.

I have always been a fan of musical episodes of my staple TV shows, with "Once More With Feeling" and "My Musical" from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Scrubs, respectively, providing some of the greatest TV moments, in my opinion. Also, with the cancellation of Pushing Daisies last year, which also had some amazing musical moments thanks to star Kristin Chenoweth (who also guests on Glee), Glee definitely filled the void left behind by its end.

Not only did the cast of Glee perform at the White House for their annual Easter egg hunt, but they also appeared yesterday on Oprah, with a terrific live performance of one of the best songs from the show.

Plus, who can forget the amazing performance by the cast, featuring Amber Riley (Mercedes) at the World Series last fall??

I will leave you with my favorite moment of the first half of the season, Lea Michelle's (Rachel Berry) remarkable performance of Barbara Steisand's Don't Rain on My Parade:

Until next time... xo

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I'm so nervous. What if I forget the words? You're gonna go straight to hell. "

It's not that often that we see models goofing around and having an overall good time. With the exception of a small few, mainly the mega supermodels like Heidi, Tyra, Kate, etc, they are often only seen in the glossy pages of Vogue and other fashion magazines, runways of fashion shows or on red carpets at fashion industry galas.

Yesterday we were treated to another side of one of the "It" models of the moment. Coco Rocha, who has been the face of designers from Dolce & Gabbana, Lavin, Yves St. Laurent and Chanel to the Gap and even, as of a few days ago, Coke, posted this hilarious video on her blog, Oh So Coco:

Coco and a few of her friends made this video, to send to her fiance, of them dancing and lip-syncing to the Peggy March classic, I Will Follow Him. To make it all the more entertaining, they use the Sister Act, Whoopi Goldberg version. I'm glad she decided to share it with the rest of us, as well!

Until next time... xo

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"I knew that little girl and I saw the light in her eyes, and no matter what you say or do, that's still what I see. "

As you may or may not remember from my post from a couple weeks ago, I've recently been "rediscovering" classic literature. Currently I'm reading, for the first time, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. The 1998 Alfonso CuarĂ³n film, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Ethan Hawke is one of my very favorite movies, and my dear friend at Dossier N°5 reminded me this afternoon of one of the most beautiful, memorable scenes (which I've been meaning to post about).

The entire time I've been reading the book, I keep picturing the scenes from the film. Even though the book takes place in 19th century England and the movie takes place in 20th century Florida and New York, so far the movie is staying extremely close to the book. Now, I haven't gotten very far into it yet, but I keep picturing Robert De Niro asking the little boy, Pip (Finn in the movie) to steal him food, booze, drugs and a file to get rid of his shackles and a young Gwyneth tempting Finn in her crazy aunt's mansion.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see how the book plays out in relation to the movie (shouldn't this be the other way around?). I can't wait until I get to some of my favorite scenes!

Until next time... xo

"Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There's no crying! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL! "

The 2010 baseball season is officially underway! And tickets for my first game of the year have been purchased!

So far my two favorite teams are off to a great start. Both the Mets and the Giants won their opening day games yesterday. Johan Santana led the Mets to a 7 - 1 win over the Marlins and Tim Lincecum led the Giants to a 5 - 2 win over the Astros.

Now, the highlight of the games, for me at least, was the 2 run, first inning (and first at-bat of the season) home run by none other than the wonderful David Wright of the Mets.

For video click HERE.

Here's hoping that the Mets luck is better this year, especially with the (fingers crossed) return from the disabled list of star players Jose Reyes this month and Carlos Beltran in May.

The Mets are off today, but the Giants, with Barry Zito on the mound, will take on the Astros again this evening.

Until next time... xo

Monday, April 5, 2010

"Don't you like vampires, little girl?"

Hey True Blood fans!

HBO has released 3 more sneak peaks of the show's third season for us today, including the first image of the werewolf Alcide Herveaux, played by Joe Manganiello and two videos featuring Tara Thorton, played by Rutina Wesley.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting very excited for the new season to begin in just 2 short months. I even spent some time this weekend re-watching a few episodes of season 2. For those of you who are waiting for the DVD to come out, it's available May 25 and can be pre-ordered now.

Until next time... xo

"Spin me faster like a kaleidoscope, all I've got's the floor."

I'm a huge fan of British pop/dance/electro music, and thanks to my new favorite TV channel, Logo, I discovered a new fave! Little Boots.

OK OK. She isn't exactly NEW to the music scene, but she's new to me. Her debut album, Hands, was released last summer in the UK, but not until last month in the US.

Click here if you want to stream the full album on MySpace Music:
Hands album by Little Boots

I've been reading about Little Boots on Perez for a while now, and while I usually jump on his music suggestions (Lady Gaga in summer of 08!!), for whatever reason I never took the time to listen to her songs. I'm glad now that I happened to turn on my TV yesterday afternoon while the music video for Remedy was playing on Logo. I LOVED it from the second it came on.

I then immediately downloaded the album on iTunes...and I'm super glad that I did! If you like Kylie Minogue, you'll like Little Boots.

Until next time... xo

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"You know, it was just so interesting to me that a ride could make me so frightened, so scared, so sick, so excited, and so thrilled all together!"

For the past few years it seems as though Hollywood has been digging in old trashcans to come up with new TV shows and movies. True, this is something that has been going on for quite a while, but lately it seems as though you can't see something original if it hit you on the head. For the most part, we find that the new show or movie can't hold a candle to the original, but sometimes it can.

Being home sick this week I finally was able to discover a show I've been curious about since I heard about it (thank you On Demand!) - NBC's Parenthood.

Based on the great family movie from the 80's, with the same name and starring Steve Martin, the TV show is about the colorful Braverman family, living in Berkeley, CA. I must admit, one of the main reasons I wanted to watch this show was the casting of one of my favorite TV mothers, Lauren Graham. I've been very interested in seeing what she'd do next since the cancellation of Gilmore Girls in 2007. In watching all 5 of the previous episodes, I was definitely drawn in and I am curious to see where the show goes. Unfortunately, I haven't really read too much about it, so I'm hoping that it makes it through the first season. Now if only I knew when it was actually on...

NBC definitely pulled out all the stops on this one, casting TV heavy hitters like Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson and other big names like Erika Christensen, Dax Shepard and Monica Potter. Also, in watching the first episode, I realized that the production team that brought me one of my favorite shows, Felicity, also produce this show - Ron Howard and Brian Grazer.

Enjoy a behind the scenes look:

Until next time... xo